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When buying a mouse, you should pay attention to the length of the mouse. After all, some brands of mouse have larger normal standards. To choose the one similar to your palm. The length shall not exceed 125mm, the width shall not exceed 72mm, and the height shall not exceed 43mm. Otherwise, it is easy to affect the hand feeling. When you buy Bluetooth Mouse in UK, which one is worth buying?

First of all, users need to make clear whether it is for office use or for games. If it is for games, wired mouse should be considered first, with low delay.

The biggest advantage of Bluetooth mouse is that it can connect multiple devices without being bound by the number of wireless receiver interfaces. And Bluetooth power consumption is relatively low.

HONOR’s Bluetooth mouse is very simple in appearance in pure black. After the first experience, its fine workmanship and skin-friendly hand feel bring quality enjoyment to users. Its ergonomic curve design can better fit the user’s hand. Support Bluetooth 4.2 protocol connection, enabling it to connect laptops more quickly.Its overall weight is between 55g and 65g. The material of the roller is rubber roller. The mouse has a low height and a heavy sense of business. The battery used is a single No.5 AA dry battery. The matched sensor is an infrared sensor. The mouse switch button is designed at the bottom of the mouse. Under normal circumstances, a battery can be used for about 2 months. When the battery is insufficient, the LED lamp provided by the mouse will prompt the user to replace the battery.

Compared with Microsoft Surface’s Bluetooth mouse, it is also simple in appearance, supports Bluetooth 4.0 and Bluetooth 4.1, and is designed for elegant workspace. As for the roller, it is a metal roller that uses 24 contact force feedback. The metal roller gives your fingers a solid and firm touch. Its appearance is comfortably fitted with the palm of the consumer. The Surface Mouse is a good partner with the Surface and Surface Keyboard that have been expanded by users. The Surface Mouse has excellent clicking accuracy. It is fully matching the expansible performance of the Surface and the external display screen. It allows users to complete high-precision clicking and scrolling on both the Surface and the external display. The click and scroll sounds of the Surface mouse are adjusted to make it almost silent when responding quickly to the user’s touch.

The performance of the Surface is a bit higher than that of HONOR. But the price of HONOR’s Bluetooth mouse is much lower than that of Microsoft. This also makes this Bluetooth mouse more cost-effective. This is also the reason why many consumers choose this Bluetooth mouse. The design is simple without losing high performance.

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