Benefits of cloud computing that you should know about

After the inception of Amazon Web Services and its EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud), the reality of the tech industry changed. Traditionally, a company was only able to work with its limited resources. A smaller could never compete with a bigger company simply due to the massive infrastructural difference. But now, with AWS, Microsoft Azure, and companies like google offering cloud services at such low costs, the laying field has changed.


Cloud Computing has seen a significant rise in the past decade and not without a reason. Here are some benefits of cloud computing:

1. Cost: 

Cloud computing eliminated the cost of setting up the infrastructure needed for your next project. Companies don’t have to rack up servers or develop software from scratch. Instead, they only pay for the services they need and save a lot of money.

2. Speed: 

Vast amounts of cloud computing resources can be used depending on the needs of the user. This means that the resources can always match the needs of the project at an incredible speed.

3. Global Scale: 

Unlike traditional resources that can only be used at the location of their installation, cloud computing has a global scale. This means any number of resources can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

4. Productivity: 

When the infrastructure is deployed and managed by a company itself, a lot of time is wasted in management and planning. A cloud service acts as a plug and plays feature that saves companies time and makes them more efficient.

5. Performance: 

The hardware provided by cloud computing services is regularly maintained and upgraded to the latest generations. This translated to unmatched performance and efficiency including reduced network latency. Companies like are a good example of this.

6. Reliability: 

Data backups, disaster recovery, and business continuity are easier and less expensive to implement with cloud computing services as the data can be copied at different locations on the cloud service provider.

7. Security: 

Cloud computing services are generally more secure than traditional setups. Since the companies that provide these services are usually bigger than the consumer company, they can afford to spend more capital on security.

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