Read this if you are someone who is just starting out in the world of photography:


The career field of photography might seem easy and interesting but like any other creative field; it has its own challenges. Taking a good picture doesn’t require just a button pusher. You need to be someone who can understand the craft involved behind framing a shot. In order to learn the craft, you need to put the work in honing your skills every day. It would be hugely beneficial if you can find an internship under someone who has quite an experience in this field as it is important to have a critique taking a look at your work. The feedback can help you grow the most. Also, ensure to put the work consistently in order to better your skills.

Follow the artists who inspire you the most and ask them about their craft:

The internet has given you the opportunity to see your idols’ work. It is easy to feel intimidated by how awe-stricken images these people have clicked but instead of getting intimidated you can ask them what you should be improving in your craft to be able to do the same. Knowing about their process will help you a lot to grow as an artist. Most of these elite photographers have their interviews online. You can listen to their podcasts episodes to dive deeper into the subject.

Click in RAW so you can have more control later:

The one thing that every photographer should do, no matter whether you are a beginner or a pro, is to always click your pictures in raw format. There are various programs available online to edit a raw image; you can check some of these applications here This format allows you to have more control in order to alleviate your mistakes while taking the picture.


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