Why do hackers hack? 


All of us know that hackers break into your system and gain access to information. But, the question has always been, why do these people hack? 

What is the purpose of hackers? Why is the system hacked? Do they intend to get the money? Do they want to cause damage? Or is it just a matter of ego? Honestly, hackers just don’t hack without a purpose. There are a lot of things involved. 

The hackers may hack into the system for their personal benefit. With changing times, the purpose of hackers has changed too. Earlier, the hackers used to just break in the system, but times have changed. Hacking can be ethical, but it is often considered a crime because most people use it for harmful purposes. 

Why do hackers hack? 

If all these years, you have been wondering why hackers hack, you need to know it now. They may exploit the system and make it vulnerable to harm the system. Some of the prominent reasons why the hackers are breaking into the system include the following.

  • Steal and Leak information

We all know this. One of the main reasons hackers hack the system is because they want to get hold of private information. The main purpose of the hackers is to steal data and business-specific information. 

The hackers usually go behind bigger targets than smaller ones. Why? The bigger the target, the more will be the number of data. The more data, the higher, will be the chance of getting paid. 

Hacking makes the system vulnerable to transferring money and taking loans easily. Also, identity theft is one of the most common examples of stealing and leaking information. 

  • Disrupt services

A number of hackers just love hacking. Why? They love disrupting the services. There have been numerous instances where hackers just take down services by creating bots because they want to have fun. 

But, many hackers disrupt the services to fulfill their personal motives. Rendering the services often makes the website useless. Also, they may try to break into your system to make a point. Attacks by Anonymous is one of the greatest examples. 

  • Money

Not everyone hacks for money, but most of them surely do. This is one of the most common reasons for hacking. We have seen big organizations being looted for money. 

Hackers may ask for ransom, but they may also use your bank details to transact cash. WannaCry is one of the biggest ransomware attacks that happened, and the users had to pay money to get access to their system. 


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