What Are the Benefits of Using the Linux Operating System


The operating system serves as an interface between the software and the hardware of a system. It manages hardware and provides services to run the software apps on the system. Several operating systems are being used today. Linux is one of them. 

It was developed in 1991 by Linus Torvalds. It started as an OS but later developed into a platform to run embedded systems, servers, and desktops. In this article, we will learn about the benefits of Linux OS.

About Linux Kernel

Linux has a modular design that gives rise to several distributions and variations. A kernel forms the basis of the Linux OS. It is responsible to handle network access, schedule apps and manage peripheral devices, and oversee file systems.

Linux also offers a wide range of benefits over other OS due to which it is widely used in various fields such as smartphones, supercomputers, home appliances, vehicles, etc.

Linux Advantages

Let us learn about the benefits of Linux.

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Open Source 

This is the major benefit of this operating system. Anyone can access the source code of the Linux OS without any restrictions. 

No Licensing Fee

Unlike Windows and other OS, Linux does not charge any licensing fee from its users. This is a very affordable OS wherein users do not need to make any upfront payment to use its features.


This is again a very important feature of Linux. Compared to Windows, this OS is designed to be less vulnerable to software attacks. Its package management, repositories, and various other features are designed in a way that provides heightened security. 

With Linux, you would not require any Antivirus program to keep the system safe from malware, ransomware, or any other damage. It not just gives mental peace but also saves from the threat.

Ability to Work with Older Computers

Windows OS requires a system to fulfill specific software and hardware requirements. This is not the case with Linux. It can revive old or low-end computer systems to accomplish a task. This happens by fitting a Linux distribution to an array of systems. Due to this property, a lot of systems prefer to execute on a Linux hosting environment than on a Windows one.

Ideal for Programmers

Linux offers support for almost all types of key programming languages that include C, C++, Perl, Python, Java, Ruby, etc. Furthermore, it provides an ample set of applications beneficial for programming objectives.

Windows is designed for a common person who doesn’t belong to any technical background. On the other hand, a user needs to have some technical knowledge to work on this system.


Linux is the perfect choice for people who value privacy. Linux distributions don’t gather data and you would not require extra tools to safeguard your privacy. Linux outstands all other software in areas such as open-source, software updates, security, customization, etc. 

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