The Rise in the Popularity of Digital Streaming and OTT Platforms


When the whole world came to a standstill, hampering the continuity and productivity of most of the sectors, OTT platforms witnessed immense growth in those few months. Already the OTT platforms were seeing a remarkable increase in the number of users over the past few years.

But being locked up indoors for months, many opted for the OTT platform and IPTV subscriptions as there was no way to step out and enjoy something else for relaxation. These platforms played a vital role in keeping us engaged and cherished for the whole lockdown period.

And even till some months back, the theatres, movie halls and every other place of entertainment were closed. So OTT and digital streaming options were the only choices for relaxation.

Reasons behind the sudden popularity of the OTT platforms and digital streaming

  • These OTT platforms allow its users to access various contents from all around the world.
  • In the case of the silver screen or even for the traditional cable connection, you need to pay a certain amount on a regular or monthly basis for viewing a show or movie. However, these digital streaming options or OTT platforms offer a number of subscription options and one can choose according to their convenience.
  • The age group of 16-38 years has got accustomed to the habit of binge-watching a show which lets a user watch something and get an in-depth taste of the genre.
  • Movies and series of all types of the genre are available here starting from crime, thrillers, comedy to horror.
  • Even though these platforms are typically being used more by young adults, contents for all age groups are available here which is a major benefit.
  • These platforms mostly contain quality content and that is what attracts more and more viewers with a diversified taste.

Even though the multiplexes and theatres have started fully functioning now, but that has not really affected the users’ rate of the OTT platforms. In the end, one can opt to watch an episode of a certain series or a movie of their choice easily on an OTT platform after getting done with a hectic day. And that is what makes it unique from the other entertainment options.


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