Phone Master for Android phones

Did your recently purchased Android phone is performed slowly than before? Don’t panic. It is a common issue on all most all low end and mid-range Android devices. Those devices are not built for high performance work. Problem is reduction of performance after few months of usage. It is not a problem with your Android phone. It is due to the way you use it.

Most common problems are

  1. Quick battery discharge
  2. Too slow to response
  3. Run out of memory
  4. Phone getting hotter with little usage.

All above problems are quickly fixable using Phone Master application. With few optimizations features you can boost your Android device performance and increase battery time easily. It is important to manage your phone apps, internal storage and background services. You can use apps like phone master to ease that process.

Features of Phone Master

Below show few features of this application. You can download and this application directly from app stores like ACMarket, Play Store for free.

  • Speed Booster – Block or remove unnecessary auto start applications. Clean Unnecessary applications and services to boost processing speed. Since number of running applications are low, it helps to save battery.
  • Junk Cleaner – No more space for a single photo. Deleting apps, media files does not clean as much as space you expected. That is due to junk files. Clean all junks including caches, residuals from app updates, residuals from system updates, app data, redundant backups and more.
  • Battery Saver – This feature can analyze applications that drain battery power while not in use. Hibernate all unwanted apps and services to stop unnecessary battery draining to increase battery time.
  • CPU Cooler – Sometimes phone get auto heated even without using it. It is because of unwanted background processers. When the amount of work load increases CPU gets heated. You can reduce CPU workload by closing and blocking unwanted applications.
  • AppLocker – There are situations that you have to hand over your phone to others like children, family member and etc. In that case you have to unlock your device. That allow them to access all your apps and data. Lock apps independently from phone lock. You need separate password or pin to unlock those apps and games.
  • Data Manager – Set daily, weekly or monthly data plan. It shows data usage by app. It helps to identify data hungry apps and games. Block accessing data for unwanted applications.

You can check out alternative cleaning applications like clean master, Bee Booster, nox cleaner, powerful phone cleaner and etc.

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