Monitoring Employees When COVID-19 Comes Along


COVID-19 has altered the way the world operates. There are directives being set by different governments and organizations to curb the spread of the virus. in the workplace, people are being devised to work remotely. Since this is a trend that has been around for a while, workers can perform work duties in the comfort of their homes. Working for home is a welcome idea for some.

To ensure that everything works as per the expectations it is important to have very cleat expectations to avoid frustration and confusion. Over the last five years, remote work has increased by 44%. When COVID-19 hit, different social distancing measures were introduced and this is what led to the home orders. There are places that were closed down completely. This has brought about different results.

Monitoring tactics

People are trying hard to adjust to the changes. Regardless of this, it is still important to monitor what employees do to ensure that things work out even in such situations, people are confined at home, but they have to be monitored. There is a need to avoid security breaches and avoid mistakes that could be detrimental to businesses. What you should do is:

  1. set expectations

This situation is new but you need to be a leader here. This can only be done by ensuring that all of you are reading from one page and everyone understands their responsibilities and things they ought to be doing.

  1. monitoring tools

You may consider using monitoring tools. These can be used on work devices. Advanced employee-tracking software systems are what you need to adjust to the idea of running a company or business remotely.

With this kind of software, you get to how to monitor work from home monitor the employees’ productivity and maintain security of the office even if people are working remotely.  It may be necessary to apply different tools to do it right.

Some of the things that can be done by monitoring software include:

  • taking screenshots during the working hours
  • time racking if the schedule is flexible
  • Browser and app history. The apps and websites that the workers are using can say a lot about whether the employee is working or not.


When people start working at home, they need time to adjust. The pandemic has made us start considering different ways to adjust. Find out more about how you can monitor your employees during the outbreak to get the highest productivity levels.



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