How Churches Would Benefit From Online Giving?


Most churches now offer their worshippers and givers some form of church online giving which comes with many fold advantages over the traditional methods even though this is a recent change. Though many are hesitant to open up to the idea of advanced online giving, many are opening to the concept in the form of the kiosk, form filling, text-to-give, and mobile giving apps.

Many are accepting and opening up to the financial technology in terms of organization, non-profit places as well as churches. Here are some prime reasons why you would need them and how they could turn out to be helpful.

Online Giving is Comparatively Faster

Passing the plate is a lot more time consuming and a hassle. With online giving, people could give any time they want without any hassle. Also, once the information has been saved, they could give it faster each time. It is simple and it is fast, and also gives an option for people who want to give without turning it into default.

Handling Money is Safer and Smoother

With the online transaction, the money gets directly transferred to the bank account of the church. But with traditional methods, the money would have exchanged several hands. Again, there are many hurdles with cash and if not recorded properly might cause miscalculations. Nothing of such manner happens with online giving.

People Can Give At Anytime

Churches do not have to depend on Sundays or any definite execution to receive giving. Church online giving provides the advantage for people and church both, one can give any time they want even right after their payday with automatic giving schedules, even after watching an inspiring generosity video or in the middle of the night.

People Carry Less Cash Now

When people visit churches on Sundays, there are particularly three options- cash, card, and cheque. The check requires thinking beforehand, again people are not comfortable giving away their personal information, the only option left would be cash.

But recent studies have shown that people are carrying less and less cash with them because of the advent of online transactions and credit cards. Therefore online giving provides mind satisfaction knowing they could give what their heart desires.

Also, recent studies have shown that senior citizens are also becoming apt at using online giving and this helps in reaching a bigger population. These are some of the reasons why any church whether local or big should be going for online giving.


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