Highlights on Shoe Photography For E-commerce 


In this article, we will talk about professional photography of shoes and why it is so fun and exciting. This is one of the areas of subject photography but occupies a somewhat isolated position. One of the reasons – it’s not so easy to remove expensive and stylish shoes beautifully but to make tasty promotional products even more so. A catalogue photo on a white, grey or black background is much simpler, although it also has its secrets of craftsmanship.

The objective of Shoe Photography

The main aim of photographing shoes is to attract the attention of the client. To achieve such a result, considerable experience of the photographer, the ability to choose an angle, marketing knowledge, high skills in working with studio lighting will be required. The photo of the shoe should be close to the real product. On the one hand, it is necessary to process the frame and eliminate the defects of the object; at the same time, balance is necessary so that the photo does not seem frankly advertising.

But the beauty of subject photography of shoes consists of its diversity: these are flip flops, shoes, sandals, stilettos and platform shoes, boots, sneakers, moccasins and much more. There should be an enormous space for the realization of fantasy, especially in the niche of advertising photography and image photography for social networks. One of the trends of modern e-commerce is a product photo with live people. Only on a person, it is possible to visually convey how the shoes sit, how it will be combined with other elements of clothing and what style this brand preaches. Therefore, if you want to sell shoes successfully, then you need to have both catalogue images and model images in the product card. To know more, you can visit https://photolemur.com/blog/wedding-photo-editing-service-review

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