5 Useful Web Development Practices You Need to be Aware Of

As the technology gets advanced, the website becomes an important asset of any business. Without having an interactive site businesses can’t grow rapidly. This is the reason, many content management systems like WordPress, introduces features to make a code-less site. Therefore, it becomes easy for a non-tech savvy to build a site effectively. Even many hosting companies like Bluehost Pakistan offers cheap hosting packages to support website owners in launching their site. 

However, still as a web developer, it requires a lot of web development practices that you need to implement to create an exceptional site. Writing thousands of line codes and going with the process of creating a site, are complex issues for a web developer. The technology that continues to revive with the modern updates, also makes it hard for the web developers to meet the end. 

Therefore, this blog comes up with highlighting the key web development practices that every developer and site builder should know to perform exceptionally. So let’s explore. 

Key Web Development Practices to Know 

Being a web developer, it is important to know that 80% of the project’s success is dependent on the 20% of the actions you take. This means that without focusing on your web development practices you may lose 80% success. But what are the web development practices? 

The web development practices vary from project to project. For instance, if you are a Shopify developer then it means you need to use different tools and codes to create a store. While, if you are making a website, then you may need to use PHP, HTML, and other codes to build it. Therefore, web development practices depend on the type of site you are planning to build. But the basics, are almost the same for general web development. So let’s know the key practices you need to be aware of. 


  • Simplicity Attracts More 


This is a bitter truth you might be not aware of. As the web development trends are getting popular globally, there are various features and designs, website owners adopt. However, this can disengage the audience and never help site owners to get leads & sales. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain simplicity in web design. But how? 

No matter whether you are going to create a Shopify store or a business site, usability is the important factor that you need to be aware of. Without setting usability as your priority you may never get effective results. Therefore, ensure that the features you use fit with the usability of the site. 


  • Standard Practices to Implement 


There are certain standard web development practices that you must need to implement during creating a site. If you violate the standard practices, you may turn a good site into a bad form. Therefore, you don’t need to use exceptional creativity that can let people get lost. Certain elements never need to be created. But what are they? let’s know below. 

  • Navigation map should be clear & same for all web pages
  • The location of the company logo should be on the upper side left corner and should direct to the home page when a user clicks. 
  • Utilize the upper left corner for the authorization, form, and contact us buttons. 


  • Mobile Friendliness


One of the best web development practices is to ensure that your site is mobile-friendly. You need to follow certain standards that let your site become mobile optimized. For instance, high-quality pictures with low file size are acceptable. While you can’t run the high pixel images with the big file size. Also, the compressors need to compress the file size to enhance the site performance. 


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