4 Must-have Advanced Charging Cables and Plugs 

There are many advanced charging gadgets and universal plugs that one can choose from. However, the choice is never easy. The variety is overwhelming with no set rules to find out which of the products are the best. Hence, we have made this guide. It will take you through 4 advanced charging devices that are absolutely worth the money. Dive in to find out more! 

  1. Mcdodo 3 Port USB Charger Plug with US, UK, and EU Adapters 

Things can get tricky when you’re traveling. Every country has different charging sockets. Hence, this Mcdodo travel charger is the kind of plug you should buy. It has 3 USB ports. Which means, it can charge 3 devices at the same time. It’s a versatile plug too. It is provided with three adapters, one for the UK, one for the US, and one for entire Europe. Hence, no matter which country you’re in, you won’t face problems with charging your phone. 

The best part is the simple design of this plug. You can slide the adapter you want. Hence, it’s very easy to use this charging plug. 

  1. Mcdodo’s 90° Lightning Cable for Apple, iPhone

The name has most of the explanation – the connectors are 90° to the cable. So, when you plug the connector into the phone, the wire stays out of your way. Hence, browsing through the phone while it’s on charging becomes very simple. A couple of other attractive features of this cable are as follows. 

  • It has an LED indicator that makes finding the charger in the dark easy. 
  • The wire easily lasts for 15k push and pulls without getting damaged. 
  1. McDodo’s 4-in-1 Fast Charging Data Cable

As the name says, this charging cable has 4 charging connectors. The best thing is that this is a 60W PD Fast charge cable. It allows a 3A current to pass through it. Hence, the charging speed is very, very quick even if you’re charging all 4 devices at the same time. The 4 different charging options that this cable provides are as follows. 

  • USB C to USB A
  • USB C to Lightning
  • USB A to USB C 
  • USB A to Lightning
  1. Mcdodo’s Lightning Charging Cable with Auto-Disconnect Feature 

This is one of the best lightning cables for a bundle of reasons as listed below. 

  • It charges phones 40% faster with the help of the latest 2.4A technology. 
  • The phone gets full within an hour.
  • The charging cable stops charging any further once the battery is full. 

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