Xtreme™ Fully Sealed Display


How it Works

Fully sealed Xtreme professional flat panel displays have no vents, filters or fans, providing the highest levels of environmental protection possible because nothing can get in or out of the display.

Instead of packaging a screen into an expensive enclosure that still requires openings to the outside, Peerless-AV Xtreme displays provide true waterproof displays with no openings. The numbers do not lie. Only Peerless-AV’s patented fully-sealed display design has achieved an IP68 and NEMA 6 rating. Peerless-AV’s Xtreme display is the ideal solution for extreme outdoor and harsh inside environments where ordinary outdoor displays just can’t measure up.

Peerless-AV Xtreme displays are engineered for durability and performance, with impact resistant safety glass, a Full HD 1080p picture and more. Explore More.


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42" Fully Sealed Display


47" Fully Sealed Display


55" Fully Sealed Display


A Higher Standard

IP 68
What's in an IP number?


The IP (Ingress Protection) rating specifies the environmental protection LCD displays can withstand and describes the the scope of protection during use when exposed to temperatures, fuel and oil and their fumes, chemical clouds, acid based moisture and dust entering the display.

  • The first number lists the ability to protect against dust. A 6 rating means the unit is completely protected against dust.
  • The second number lists the level of protection against moisture.  An 8 rating states that the display can be immersed in water and still operate.

What does NEMA mean?


The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) established a range of standards for enclosed electrical equipment. Each rating corresponds to a protection level against designated environmental conditions such as dust and water.

  • A NEMA 6 rating is defined as protection against dirt; against hose-directed water and the entry of water during occasional temporary submersion at a limited depth; and won’t be damaged by the external formation of ice on the enclosure.

Largest operating Range
What is operating range?


Operating range is the acceptable temperature range that a screen will work without exposing the LCD to damage.

The Peerless-AV outdoor display provides the widest operating range of any outdoor display. Peerless-AV’s unique Ventless Dynamic Thermal TransferTM system keeps the display operating perfectly in any weather without the need for exhaust vents or bulky HVAC systems. 

Only the Peerless-AV fully-sealed displays have earned an IP 68 rating. Only the Peerless-AV fully-sealed displays have earned the NEMA 6 rating. Only the Peerless-AV fully-sealed display operates from -40° to +140°.